Guilin, known as the most scenic place under Heaven, is one of the most inspirational spots for poets and artists in the world.  Visitors from all over the world are impressed and inspired by its dramatically shaped Karst hills, fantastic caves, and limpid water. The Karst topography in Guilin is one of the largest around the world and thanks to the receding water from hundreds of millions of years ago, the gulf in Guilin bared hills made from limestone and dolomite rocks.
Some of the Famous Karst Hills in Guilin:

Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill  can be a classic of karst landscape and considered as the symbol of Guilin. The hill shape like a huge elephant dipping its trunk into the Li River to quench its thirst.
Fubo Hill
Fubo Hill has its half standing in the river along with the other half perching on land. The river waters are blocked by the hill and eddied, forming wavelets, that's why the name - Subduing Wave Hill, means the waters has been subdued by the hill.
Diecai Hill
A spot renowned for its incredible scenery and stone carvings. It earned its name due to the resemblance of its rock formations, piled up layer upon layer on each other, to folded brocade.
Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill
The cliff face of Nine Horse Nine Fresco Hill has natural images of what appeared to be a group of horses. Variegated in yellow and white, dark and light, the horses assume various poses.

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