Plenty of people believe that winter isn't a good season to make the Tibet Tour for the area is covered by ice and snow all year round. However, many expert travellers tell a different fact. According To What They said, the temperature of Lasha in winter averages about 12 degrees CelsiusCelsius. And as a result of the intensive sunlight, the daytime temperatures of winter in Lahsa canbe even higher.

The great places for you to visit in winter
For those people who are going to visit Tibet in winter, Lhasa and Nyingchi are the nice places for you guys to visit. The first is Mount NamjagbarwaNamjagbarwa. The mountain is covered in fog and cloud in spring and summersummer for its relatively low altitude and high humidity. As a result, the dry season, from September to the spring is the best time to appreciate Mount Namjagbarwa. Others sights include the old and new sections of Lhasa, boating in the Crayon Brahmaputra, taking photos at two rivers' joint (the Niyang river and Brahmaputra river), sightseeing in Norbu Lingka (a beautiful garden on the suburb of Lhasa), living in the holiday village by Basum Lake (a holy lake at the foot of glaciers) and visiting Sangmu village.

Festivals falling in winter time
Winter is a festive season in Tibet. Many travellers love to join the event to understand the places, the cultures here better. Join one festive event during your visit in Tibet and it will surely add more to your memory of the snowland.

Among the many festivals, Tibetan New Year is one of the most important one you should take a visit. It is an occasion when Tibetan families reunite and expect that the coming year will be a better one. Named Losar, the festival starts from the first to the third day of the first Tibetan month.

For an easy winter holiday in Tibet, somethings you need to know as follow
Bring yourself some anti-anoxic medicines like Hongjingtian and GaoyuananGaoyuanan, Since the altitude in these areas averages around 3,000 meters and may cause slight altitude sickness.

For an easy winter holiday, you should prepare for yourself with sunglasses, glacier caps and sunscreen creams to protect yourself from over-exposure to intensive sunshine and Xuemang (snow blindness).

Some ginger powder is as well needed to get rid of bugs because not all hostels in Tibet can offer bed blankets free of these insects. Breathable underwear is better than cotton underwear for cotton underwear is airtight and the undrained sweat makes people feel cold. As a final point, bring a painkiller like paracetemol or aspirin, which can help with frostbite and also aches and colds.

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