The Canton Fair is also about Guangzhou and Chinese culture. One of the tips Mr. Xie humorously gave us was to forget about any diet plan; there is a famous Chinese saying, “Chi Zai Guang Zhou,” which literally means “Eat in Guangzhou” It is used to express that Guangzhou, or Canton, is the place to enjoy delicious Chinese food! Well-known local dishes include braised shark’s fin, roast goose, barbecue meat in honey, and dim sum. The oldest and most famous eatery in the city is the Guangzhou restaurant on Wenghang Nanlu (specialty: shark’s fin soup with shredded chicken). The Panxi restaurant on the lake in Liwanhu Park offers classic dim sum and Cantonese dishes, and Datong on Yanjiang Xilu is another popular restaurant.
Braised Shark’s Fin
Roast Goose
Dim Sum
Beyond the food, there is a lot to do and see in Guangzhou. The Pearl River passes through the city and offers opportunities for boat rides or evening strolls along its banks. There are also well known temples such as the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and its 58 meter high Flower Pagoda (left most picture above) and the Guangxiao Temple built in the 4th century.
Pearl River
The climate is humid and subtropical and Guangzhou is known for its fertility; it counts numerous parks including: Yuexiu Park, Luhu Park, Liuhua Park, Orchid Garden, Xiangjiang Safari Park in Panyu, and Lianhua Mountain to get away from bustle and noise.

For a break from the hustle and bustle of the Fair, the Guangzhou Ocean World (entertainment center and marine research facility) is one of the largest ocean parks in the world. The Guangzhou Art Museum features around 10,000 items of calligraphy, painting, sculpture and tablet inscriptions and is the largest art museum in the Chinese mainland. The Guangzhou Book Center in Tianhe (the province’s largest bookstore) is also a point of interest.

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