Lijiang, a prefecture-level city of Yunnan province China, located in the northwest of Yunnan. It is an old city with 800 years' history. Thanks to its unique geographic location, the city features a very comfortable climate, which is spring-like in four seasons.  >> Plan Your Lijiang Tour
Lijiang has grew as a very popular tourist destination in China even in the world. If you got chance to make a trip to Lijiang, these are the places i highly recommend you to go:

1) Lijiang Old Town - to feel a dreamy sense and quiet of houses aside small bridges and flowing rivers, to enjoy the Naxi ancient music. It is a perfect leisure city, walk around, watch people, shop, drink and eat.
2) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain - is the holy mountain of Naxi ethnic minority, famous for its wonderful snow view.  

3) Lugu Lake - Known for Mosuo people around the lake with the matrilineal marriage system and its mystery and charm natural beauty.

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