As a foreigner who are going to attend the Canton Fair October Session of 2012, especially for those are the first time to come, you need to do some pre-work about the city - Guangzhou.

Getting around in Guangzhou is not challenging. There are a great number of street signs in English in Guangzhou. Taking a texis is a very convinent way to get around and it costs you little. Now there are 6 lines of the Metro (subway) running. They are brand new and clean. But taxi is still the best way for tourists and foreigners to get around, as they take you exactly to your destination. A good map will do wonders if you are planning to a landmark or hotel by subway. You can pick up it in most hotels and book shops around Guangzhou. Out of more comprehensive consideration, please pick up one with ENGLISH and one with CHINESE, then you can point to the location regardless of the language and someone can point you in the right direction.

Always bring your hotel address in both English and Chinese with you. If you get lost, just hail a taxi and have the driver take you to the address on the card.|Since you may get lost, please always take your hotel address with you, both in English and Chinese. Then you can hail a taxi and have the driver take you to the address on the card. DO NOT give your card with your room information to the taxi driver. All the hotels have "Please Drive Me To" cards and "Return Cards" for your use. It is recommended to to go over one time your destination with the hotel servant before you leave it, and make sure that they explain it to the taxi driver. Usually the bellboy will make sure the driver understands, and the taxi driver will take a sort of responsibility for you.

If you have a problem with a taxi driver, there are two numbers you can write down in order to file a complaint. One number is on the driver's license card on the passenger side dashboard. It will have his picture and his ID number. The picture does not necessarily have to match that person, they sometimes lend out their ID cards. Another set of numbers is available on the driver's side rear door window. It is usually a stamped number on a blue and white colored decal.

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