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If you like ancient China you simply cannot miss this museum - possibly the greatest in the world for Chinese antiquities.   More than 13 glorious dynasty including Zhou Dynasty (1027 BC–221 BC), Qin Dynasty (221 BC–206 BC) Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD) and Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), with Xi’an as its capital, created plenty of historic and cultural relics.
Spend a few hours here (you could spend several days). You will love it.

Shaanxi History Museum is located in northwest of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, open to the public in 1991. The museum boasts 370,000 pieces relics range from prehistory when human just use simple stone tools to all kinds of exquisite wares in the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911). These relics have high value not only in quantity but also in quality.

The exhibition halls are divided into three sections, the Permanent, Temporary and Special exhibition halls. The Permanent Hall is the largest and holds items from all ages to show a historic time-line for Shaanxi. Three rooms hold seven sections here, which are, Prehistoric, Zhou, Qin, Han, Wei-Jin-North and South dynasties, Sui-Tang, and Song-Yuan-Ming-Qing dynasties. A few examples among the thousands include neolithic ceramics, Zhou bronzes and Tang gold and silver items as well as many archaeological records and photos of their discoveries.

The Temporary Hall holds home and foreign exhibitions, the most famous being the Tang Dynasty tomb wall murals. The Special Exhibition Hall is dedicated to displays from Shaanxi's local culture, such as the Shaanxi bronzes display, the Silk Road display and the Yaozhou Porcelain display.

Chinese people often say that “You can experience 50 years changes of China in Shenzhen, 500 years in Beijing, but 5,000 years in Xi’an.” Only in Shaanxi History Museum you can see these changes in past 5,000 years. So anyone with an interest in Chinese history do not miss out this great museaum during your Xi'an tour.

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